The financing

The budget

The budget is chf 785,370.- for the organs to which will be added the expenses from the adaptation of the infrastructure of the building. The budget total is CHF 945,000.- The financing will come from private sources, besides contributions from public organizations and semi-public foundations.

Current fundraising levels

Status of the “Organs” account (donations and pipe sponsorship): CHF 199,905.40
Promise of donation from the Loterie Romande: CHF 100,000.00
Bureau Inter-paroissial de Fribourg: CHF 70,000.00
Promise of donation from several Foundations: CHF 145,000. 00
Promise of donation from the Basilica Foundation: CHF 200,000.00
Promise of private contribution: CHF 50,000.00
Total current funding: CHF 764,905.40

Balance to be found: CHF 180,094.60

They Support Us